Monday, August 23, 2010

London's Favourite New Shopping Destination: Primark Part2

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Some consumer are questioning the ethics of Primark, if we aren't paying a high price, someone must be. This fortunately is not the case with Primark. They have a strict code of conduct in line with United Nations regulations that every supplier and their contractors must follow. They manage to keep low prices by producing lots of easy pieces and ordering in huge quantities.
The collections are trend driven but also have great basics. Two pairs of black fishnets for £3 are practically unheard of in London. The shoe department has an amazing range of flat strap sandals all for less than £10.

Sad to say, this was the best retail therapy I have had since I bought the D&G black patent peep toes (yes! the studded ones!) which go perfectly with the £18 sequinned mini dress. I am planning my next trip in the next few days.

Who knows what I will end up with; all I know is that I will be the first one through the door. Here are some Primark products.

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