Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Primark Bremen Blog

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~ Waterwas?
Was ist denn bitteschön eine Waterfront? Kann man das Essen? Sinngemäß übersetzt bedeutet Waterfront = Wasserfront. Aber damit können wir auch nicht viel anfangen, nicht wahr? Wir könnten einen Hafen vermuten, da Bremen ja eine Hafenstadt ist, aber wer nennt einen Hafen schon Waterfront? Ach, ich löse mal auf, um was es geht. Es geht um ein Shoppingcenter, was gerade mal ein Jahr existiert. Der Name des Shoppingcenters ist Waterfront. Ich vermute, das wurde - unter anderem - auch so genannt, weil sich das Shoppingcenter direkt an der Weser befindet. Was kann man in so einem Shoppingcenter tun? Ja, natürlich - eine meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen - SHOPPEN! Wie das Shoppingerlebnis war und wie ich überhaupt auf dieses - noch relativ unbekannte - Shoppingcenter gestoßen bin, werdet ihr in dem folgenden Bericht lesen können. 

Primark Clothes in Deutschland kaufen

Primark Bremen Blog
Der Textildiscounter aus England ist vergleichbar von der Größe, den Preisen und der Verbreitung mit dem schwedischen H&M. Allerdings gibt es Deutschland bisher nur einen Store von Primark, der am 22. Mai 2009 sein Opening hatte.

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Leider eröffnete der Primark Store im entfernten Bremen, und ist vom hiesigen Wohnort Berlin zu weit zum Primark Shopping entfernt. In dem Store sollten Modeinteressierte umbedingt vorbei schauen, denn Primark ist von der modischen Bekleidung vergleichbar mit Topshop. Modetrends werden bei Primark schnell umgesetzt und sind sehr günstig.

Billige Schuhe, Unterwäsche, Jacken, Kleider, Accessoires von Primark in Deutschland

Die Auswahl an Primark Clothes auf der 5000qm  großem Store in Waterfront Bremen soll laut anderer Blogs wohl rießig sein, und man soll mit mehreren Einkauftüten mit Primark Fashion Clothing bepackt den Store verlassen.
Herren-, Damen und Kinderbekleidung findet man in den Primark Clothes Stores aus England, sowie Schuhe, Unterwäsche, Jacken, Kleider, Accessoires, Sonnenbrillen und vieles mehr.
Wer nicht warten kann findet bei Ebay die junge Mode von Primark.

Primark’s north German

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A visit last week to Primark’s first store in Germany was instructive. Located in the northern city of Bremen in a brand new shopping centre, it was reasonable to expect that the value retailer would have pulled out all the stops to make its Teutonic debut, and it didn’t disappoint.
The large, single-floor outlet was, by some distance, the best-looking retailer in the city’s Waterfront mall and shoppers were paying attention. There were plenty of them in the store and, rather unlike many Primark UK branches, the merchandising standards were of a very high order. And all of this was in an environment where a pair of jeans or a T-shirt cost just a few Euros.

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A little later, having jumped on a tram to get to downtown Bremen, the department store retailers in the city centre told a rather different story. Whether it was the embattled Karstadt or the oddly named (to English ears) Peek & Cloppenburg, the red pen had been passed through almost every single SKU – or at least that’s the way it seemed.
This was unsurprising. A quick stroll round the ground floor of Peek & Cloppenburg showed that things are still slow to change in the world of German department store retailing. As ever, the mid-shop was all at one level, about waist high, allowing uninterrupted views to the heavily-branded back wall… and creating an immediate sense of, well, boredom. Little wonder that this part of the German retail panorama is experiencing difficulties. Not only has it failed to change, but the arrival of agile arriviste outfits such as Primark, must make the future trading prognosis quite poor.
It also serves to illustrate the gulf between German and UK department store retailers. Over here, retailers such as House of Fraser and Debenhams may also have noticed that trade is not entirely as might be wished, but these are still the sort of places where shoppers are likely to take a look around and yes, they do look better than even the best of the discounters.
Primark’s north German offensive is set to be successful as much because of the relative poverty of what is done by others as because of its embodiment of the central European notion of “preiswerth” (a term that roughly translates as value and quality, rather than just value). In spite of the many problems that beset UK retail, it is still in the vanguard in terms of the way things are done when compared with those operating in Europe’s largest economy.
A full report on Primark Bremen will appear in the Retail Week August 7 issue and online.

Primark will storm Germany

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Premier launched its first foray into the German market last spring with a fit out to a 60,000 sq ft sales space in a Primark store in Bremen, where it worked alongside Ballymena-based contractor Patton Fit Out. Work commenced on the new Primark store in the Waterfront Centre in early February, and Senior Contracts Manager Tommy McKenna assembled a 20 strong team to fit out the store in just nine weeks.
Location Bremen, Germany
Time Scale Nine weeks
Size 60,000 sq ft sales space
Client Primark
Contractor Patton Fit Out

Primark – Summer 2010

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The Primark Summer 2010 collection follows the same trend as other collections from many other brands and stores: intense colors and garments that matches well with many other items. Nevertheless, this time Primark has a more 80s-like style, which is an important change because its former collection had a bohemian and folk style with some aspects of Russian inspiration.

The most important colors are black, coral (or orange) and electric blue. Those colors are great when are used in both ways: combining several colors or using only one color. Bodysuits are back in fashion. Yep, those garments that are so Eighties and Nineties, although they were not  used by everyone in the past because they highlight the figure sufficiently.
Clothes shopping: Primark - Summer 2009
Primark introduces some new items like strapless dresses or zippered dresses in order to diversify its style. They are not for everyone, but some women like those dresses, which evoke nostalgia and come in nice colors like blue, coral and black. In particular, there is a dress that has a “tulip skirt” style (see the picture above) with a great combination of colors. It is a perfect dress for a night on the tiles, but also for a summer sunny day. Just make sure you choose the right shoes.
The bubble dress is also great because it would add a cocktail-style dress to your wardrobe and, besides that, it has a touch of punk rock star. Just imagine it with fingerless laced gloves, stiletto heels in vibrant color and a riotous hairstyle. Yeah, it’s perfect for a backward trip in time.