Friday, February 24, 2012

Stuff We Love: Primark online shopping Woman

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Stuff We Love: Primark online shopping Woman

When it comes to economy plus-size fashion, primark online shopping gets it

Me: cozy and comfy in my Primark online shopping turtleneck sweater

If you’re like me, you have well-worn go-to pieces in your wardrobe for everyday living. Stuff that never fails to meet at the junction of looking good, feeling comfortable, and being just valuable enough to feel great in it, without being so valuable that you’re afraid to wear it out.
I have three favorite pieces like that, and two of those are Primark online shopping Woman: my cotton “business casual” pants, and my ribbed cotton turtleneck sweater. Here’s why I love ‘em:
1. I’ve had the pants for almost three years, and the sweater for two. Neither has shrunk, lost its shape, pilled, faded, unraveled, ripped/split, stretched out or otherwise failed me.
2. Stains and dirt have come out/off quickly and easily with both.
3. Both are form fitting with a tailored feel (a standout in a world of boxy, shapeless plus-size clothing), but without being snug in the wrong places. I feel shapely and feminine and touchable when I wear them. The fabric is soft without being flimsy, and knows how to hide the parts I want most to hide.
4. Both pieces are impressively slimming, and make me look and feel about a size smaller (the turtleneck sweater in the photo above is a 2x).
5. Both pieces were under $20 at Walmart.
The bad news: they’re not always easy to find. It’s hit-and-miss to find them at Walmart, some stores carry a wide range and others nothing at all, and their online store only carries a small selection. A search on eBay only yields about 35 pieces. (An aside: am I the only one who loathes the way plus-size clothes hang on a hanger?)
But these are worth seeking out and waiting for, so keep your eye out for them. Next time you come across a primark online Woman piece at Walmart, shopping eBay or even a garage sale, you can be sure you’re getting a plus-size brand that looks great, feels great and holds up to everyday use for years.

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